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equality training

3 Signs Your Management Staff Need Equality Training

Equality training has many benefits. It increases the performance of your employees and increases productivity. Your employees and managers will have a more positive working relationship, and the risk of legal action due to discrimination will greatly decrease. It might be hard for you to notice if your management staff needs extra training due to how busy you are.&n[...]


Equity & Workplace Discrimination: What You Need to Know

In this modern age, we greatly differ from each other (in the workplace especially). These differences may cause workplace discrimination, where employees are treated unfairly due to a particular characteristic. Equity is vital in every modern-day workplace. With the workplace changes induced by COVID-19, having a strong team is more important than ever.  Wor[...]

company culture

3 Tips for Building a Culture of Trust in Your Workplace

As a business owner, you want your company culture to be positive.  When people think of business culture, they often think of cold, hard, and impersonal – but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Having a culture of trust in the workplace can help employees feel like they belong and are valued, which in turn makes them more focused and productive.  Here are three[...]

covid-19 and self reflection

COVID-19: 5 Tips for Dealing with Change

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, everyone is dealing with change in one way or another.  Students are adjusting to online classes as everything from elementary schools to colleges are closed.  Sports fans are watching reruns of classics instead of attending live events.  Many things are different than they were just a few months ago, and[...]

coronavirus and virtual meetings

5 Creative Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Customer Base Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, many people are working from home.  Meeting in person is rare and is often limited to grocery store visits and other necessities where everyone stays six feet apart from each other.  Even in this time of social distancing, your company still has a customer base.  How can you maintain good customer service while also following lo[...]

women in leadership

3 Ways to Promote Women in Leadership Roles In Your Workplace

Female leadership roles in the workplace have come a long away in recent years, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to add more gender balance to your corporation. By doing so, you help to raise awareness for women in leadership roles. And you will also help get the word out that your brand supports female[...]


5 Signs of Poor Management

Excellent management can be the key to a successful business. When a company is well-managed and sticks to a routine that works, it can help keep the workers focused and on task. Enforcing good habits can help you create a work environment where your employees appreciate their jobs and want to do their best each day. This helps to create a successful employee-retenti[...]


Creative Ways Hospitality Businesses Are Surviving the Current Shutdowns

The recent coronavirus crisis has affected many industries. But one that has been hit the most is hospitality, especially restaurants. Some major fast-food chains are still allowing customers to order take-out or pick up orders at their drive-thru windows. But there are hundreds of fine dining establishments, cafes, delis and bakeries that are facing hardships now.&n[...]

coronavirus and sba

Covid-19: 3 Small Business Resources

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the daily routines for everyone throughout the world. Many essential businesses are still up and running. However, small businesses have been hit hard by the mandatory safety measures we are all taking.  Fortunately, resources are available to help small business owners and their employees during this difficult time. Relief pr[...]

learning culture

Creating a Learning Culture in Your Workplace

The best way to own a successful business is to keep your employees interested in the products or services you offer. If your workers are not excited about the products they create, how can they encourage your customers to buy them? Your employees need more knowledge about what the company offers to keep them interested. They need a better understanding of how custom[...]

firing an employee

Five Things You Should Never Do When Firing an Employee

It’s easy to see many of the perks that come along with being a company owner. But there are many downsides as well, such as when you have to fire one of your employees. Even if a worker has caused several issues during their time with the company, firing an employee is one task that no manager looks forward to. This person has bills to pay and possibly a family to[...]

performance development

What is Performance Development?

Performance development is a strategy that plays a vital role in any company. Performance development planning, or PDP, reduces the inaccuracies of the general annual review process and, instead, empowers the managers and employees to take an active approach toward positive management and better performance.  The Basics of Performance Development Planning&nbs[...]

employee engagement

5 Tips for Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy

During any time of uncertainty, it is a good idea to boost morale around the workplace. Promote positive energy with your workers. One of the best ways to help improve performance is to think about how to promote high levels of employee engagement.  How to Implement a Successful Employee Engagement Strategy  The primary reason why there are so many compan[...]

working remotely

Managing Employees Who are Working Remotely

Working remotely is nothing new, and many business professionals have carried out their everyday duties from home for years. There are several benefits to this type of work environment that both the employer and employee can benefit from. The employee has a more flexible schedule in most cases, with the freedom to work from any location. They are also able to save on[...]


Protecting Your Workplace from Coronavirus

The information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing at a rapid pace with more details provided to us each day. As the population works together to try to put a halt to this virus, it’s important for companies to discuss and conduct workplace safety practices that will reduce the spread of the virus. The Best Tactics for Workplace Safety To Fight Against[...]

employee relations

Three Tips for Improving Employee Relations

Managing your employee relations will help to guarantee your best employees will stick with your company for years to come. Employee relations work similarly to any other type of relationship in your life. People will stay around if they are happy. The trick is to be sure that your employees are happy with the way things are in your work environment.  What Ar[...]

employee handbook

Developing an Employee Handbook: What to Include

An employee handbook is one of the most valuable resources a company can have. It contains vital information and guidance related to the company’s mission, values, and history. These handbooks should be a quick research guide for employees any time they have a question. Therefore, it should have everything an employee needs to know about company policies. Additiona[...]

performance management system

Choosing the Right Performance Management System

If you are looking for a better way to keep your employees engaged in their tasks, a performance management system can help. A performance management software program helps business owners organize data about their employees. It keeps up with each worker’s performance data. And also automates the appraisal process to help you create a resourceful employee performan[...]

disciplinary action

How to Successfully Handle Disciplinary Action

Creating disciplinary rules for your employees that are consistent and fair is crucial for any business. It’s important that these rules are the same for each person working for you. Not only would it be immoral to have different rules for different workers, but it is also illegal to do so. As a manager, you cannot discriminate against some employees over others. C[...]