employee engagement

Employee Engagement: Keeping Your Employees Passionate

Oftentimes, the idea of employee engagement is ignored by businesses. Businesses will hire an employee and will not attempt to keep the employee interested in work. Due to the lack of care of employee engagement, employee retention will skyrocket downward. The more a business applies employee engagement ideas into the workplace, the longer they will keep that employe[...]

employee retention

Employee Retention: How to Keep Key Staff

A crucial component to having a successful business is having good employee retention.  Constantly replacing key staff members is problematic on multiple levels. It looks bad on paper and can make potential new hires wary of what they are getting into.  It is also a pain for you as a company to have to find, hire, and train employees in important positions[...]

employee turnover

Preventing Employee Turnover in Your Hotel

Employees are the most important part of running a business. Unfortunately, many businesses continue to have problems finding or keeping their employees. In fact, the turnover rate is an issue in numerous industries, with one of these being the hotel industry. There are ways to help prevent employee turnover within your hotel. Here are some tips on how. Uncontroll[...]

restaurant jobs

3 Reasons Restaurant Jobs Have High Turnover

Turnover rate is generally a concern for every single industry. It is difficult when employees are not sticking around or a company is lacking a good staff. Every industry has its own rate of turnover. Restaurant jobs have one of the highest. The reasons for a high turnover rate can be numerous but here are some that are the most common in the restaurant industry.[...]