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3 Reasons Restaurant Jobs Have High Turnover

Turnover rate is generally a concern for every single industry. It is difficult when employees are not sticking around or a company is lacking a good staff. Every industry has its own rate of turnover. Restaurant jobs have one of the highest. The reasons for a high turnover rate can be numerous but here are some that are the most common in the restaurant industry.[...]

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Internal Customer Email Etiquette-10 Recommendations

Research indicates on average; one employee wastes 7 hours of productivity per week in unnecessary or poor use of electronic mail.  For a company of 165-employees averaging $28.00 per hour/employee, that's a loss of $32,340 per week or $1,681.680 per year on unnecessary email usage.  Moreover, research also indicates that email communication (for most topics) is mis[...]

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Employee Training and Turnover: A Correlation?

Training and development (T&D) in the hotel industry is often viewed as costly.  Choi and Dickson (2009) found that hospitality companies do not value training and as a result, hotel companies do not invest in T&D.  Moreover, Choi and Dickson (2009) argued that well-executed management training programs could reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction. [...]