Dr. Giffen's Coaching Process

Dr. Giffen facilitates in-depth conversations that result in an opportunity to introduce powerful learning to achieve your goals at work.

No two situations are alike. So, he's developed a session framework that is tailored specifically to your needs. These solutions are achieved through the SHIFT model, so that your can SHIFT your career in the direction you want. Here's what a coaching session looks like

Step 1

Strategic methods for effective and rapid implementation

During the coaching session, your coach will actively listen, ask strategic questions, and develop methods agreeable to you.

Step 2

Holistic approach where solutions are presented so you can enact today

Your coach comes to you with the experience needed to tackle any complex workplace issue. Your coach will analyze your situation and provide you with the solutions needed to feel empowered to navigate the situation.

Step 3

In-depth conversation and understanding

Your coach will gain a deeper understanding by "listening to learn." Through deep listening and questioning, your coach will gain the necessary information and facts to provide you the best resources and advice possible.

Step 4

Feasible recommendations that achieve and maximize results

You are part of the process since we want you to achieve the results your want. So your coach will work with you to offer feasible recommendations that are effective for your personal situation. Your coach is with you every step of the way.

Step 5

Trustworthy advice that is straightforward, dependable, and realistic

With all the experience your coach brings to the table, you can trust that they will offer straightforward, clear, dependable, and realistic advice.

Grow your career with support and guidance