Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inospire right for me?

Inospire is designed for those people who need a little extra help navigating a work-related situation. If you don't feel comfortable or are confused about who you can talk to about a workplace issue, we got you covered! Your personal HR coach is at your fingertips and will help you navigate the corporate politics, help you understand your legal rights as an employee, and help you grow as an individual.  You deserve to be treated fairly and you deserve to know your rights.

Can I see my HR Coach in person?

Contact with your HR Coach is completely through text, phone, and video chat (varies based on level of subscription).  Thanks to modern technology, we're able to tackle most workplace issues and assist you through your career, completely online.  

What will be my HR Coaches availability?

You can securely text your HR Coach anytime. Your coach will respond to your text messages at various points throughout the day. Also, you may schedule a phone call or video chat (plus subscription only) appointment under the member center.

Can I share an account with a friend?

You cannot share accounts, but we do make it easy to invite friends and receive discounts. When friends signs up you both receive a 10% discount toward any plan.

Do I need special equipment to use Inospire?

All you need is a computer or smartphone with reliable internet (or mobile service) connection and a camera with Zoom installed (for video chat)

I don't live in California, can I sign up?

Yes!  However, our HR coaches specialize in California employment laws and regulations.  If you live in a State that our HR coaches are not familiar with, their knowledge base may be limited and will guide you to the appropriate resources.  You will still benefit from all the other services however.  

What happens during an Inospire session with my HR coach?

No two situations are alike.  So, we've developed a session framework that is tailored specifically to your needs through attainable goals. These solutions are achieved through the SHIFT process.  
Strategic Methods for effective and rapid implementation
Holistic Approach where solutions are presented and enacted
In-depth Research to tackle the core issue and deliver the solution
Feasible Recommendations that achieve and maximize results
Trustworthy Advice that is straightforward, dependable, and realistic

Should I just hire an employment law attorney?

Attorney's are reactive.  Inospire is proactive.   Your coach works with you in a proactive mindset to avoid potential legal ramifications by limiting your liability and exposure.  Although your coach is well versed in California and Federal employment law, they are not attorneys.  Inopsire is not a lawfirm.  As such, your coach will advise whether or not an attorney is recommended.  And if so, Inospire can recommended several employment law related attorney's to you.

Who are the HR Coaches?

Your HR Coach has been screened and certified personally by our founder Dr. Ryan Giffen.  Your HR coach comes to you with the credentials, experience, and education 'to back up what they say.'  You can expect someone who has 'been there, done that' and has likely experienced what you're going through.

Are memberships or one-on-one coaching sessions transferable?

Memberships and one-on-one coaching sessions are designed for the original purchaser.

Do one-on-one coaching sessions expire?

Whether you purchase one, five, or ten one-on-one coaching sessions, they never expire.

Can I cancel my monthly membership at anytime?

Under this membership, there is no long term commitment. It's month-to-month.  Cancel your auto-renew at least a day before each renewal date. Plan automatically renews until canceled.

Have any other questions?

We are help fanatics!!!  Don't hesitate (562) 270-0825