5 Business Management Tips to Help You Succeed

Dr. Ryan Giffen

When it comes to business management, there are a variety of methods and styles that can help your business to succeed. There are, however, a few things to be wary of.  There are also approaches that can help to allow your business to grow and flourish.  After all, you want it to reach its full potential. Below are listed five management tips that can help you and your business to succeed. Let’s have a closer look!

Have a Written Business Management Plan

As with any goal, your business management plan should be meticulous and written down. It might seem like a no-brainer, but many people in management fail to put their plan into writing. Keeping a written plan will reduce chaos and help to keep your business organized.  It also provides a clear direction as your business grows and changes. Having a written plan will also allow you to keep employees on the same page with little confusion.

It is also important that you remain willing to change your plan. As your market grows and your competition changes, your plan can quickly become outdated. Keeping up on your market and staying flexible is crucial to running a business. There will also, inevitably, be things that will come up, which will require your mental and financial focus. Be sure to allow yourself the room to tackle these things as they come.

Do Not Fall Victim to Pride

Although autocratic management can be the most effective form of management (when practiced correctly), you must keep an open mind and leave your lines of communication open. Listening to the ideas and grievances of your employees can create a lot of growth and development in your business. Giving your employees a voice can also boost morale and decrease your employee turnover. 


One of the hardest things to do as a manager is to let go of some of your tasks to let your employees do them. Although it can be difficult, delegating projects or duties can let you focus on key tasks that will help your business in the long-run. Keep in mind that micromanagement can lead to low morale and a lack of ambition among your employees.

Keep a Diligent Record

It is helpful to think of your records as a business journal.  Keep track of everything. Having a system for keeping track of your finances, scheduling, and anything business-related will definitely help you in the long run.  It will also help you to give clear directives to your employees when it is time to make a decision or even a change in the business. 

Stay Online!

With the market as it is today, the internet serves as a powerhouse for commerce. Not only is it extremely handy when it comes to ordering, etc., it is also the primary way by which people get advertising for their business and recognition for their products. It is nearly impossible to get your business off the ground without taking advantage of the internet in every way possible. Beefing-up your online presence can benefit, simplify, and grow your business.

About Dr. Ryan Giffen

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ryan Giffen is an expert in human relations and business culture. His career began in hospitality, leading operations and human resource departments for Fortune 500 companies and the like. Not long after, Ryan found his passion for teaching and consulting. He earned a Ph.D. in Hospitality Management with a Human Resources focus from Iowa State University and now works as an assistant professor at California State University, Long Beach. For over a decade, he continues to research and speak on organizational culture, relationship intelligence, and leadership effectiveness. Ryan is also the founder of Inospire, a company helping bosses and employees build stronger relationships with one another.  Lastly, Dr. Giffen is producer and host of the Corporate Shadow Podcast. a show helping everyday employees overcome workplace nonsense.