5 Tips for Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy

Dr. Ryan Giffen

During any time of uncertainty, it is a good idea to boost morale around the workplace. Promote positive energy with your workers. One of the best ways to help improve performance is to think about how to promote high levels of employee engagement.

How to Implement a Successful Employee Engagement Strategy 

The primary reason why there are so many companies that struggle with employee engagement is that it requires the right people with the right amount of passion and persistence. Not every company leader may be up for the task. However, it is important to realize how great the payoff truly is.

Promote Strong Values and Vision 

The vision and values that a company has should always inspire the workers. In fact, companies should be so grounded in their vision and values that they deter those who don’t feel the same. But many times companies will weaken their vision statements in fear that the words are too empowering. Instead, they choose to go with generic wording that doesn’t really set their vision apart from any other organization. This strengthens employee engagement within your business. Find what makes your company unique and base your vision statement on that. This is the best way to ensure your employees will be excited about what your brand stands for.

Come Up With Opportunities that Explore Personal Growth 

Companies that want their employees to grow often see better production within their team. Too many times, company owners fear that they may lose their best workers if they offer them the chance to grow. However, allowing your employees to try new things within your corporation is a great way to bring out their best talents. It even makes better employees out of them.

Help Your Workers Find More Purpose in Their Role

If you don’t feel that your job serves any real purpose, you’re not going to be inspired to show up ready to work each morning. Not everyone has the most impactful job in the world. But every role is still very necessary. That’s why it’s so important to help your workers put their job into perspective. Let them know you appreciate their work. Point out how their role is important to the overall operation of your company.

Create Formal Recognition Solutions 

If you ask anyone what the most memorable or powerful instance of recognition was throughout their career, most will tell you that it was a simple gesture instead of an extravagant bonus. Being told that their work is appreciated, or that they were doing a good job goes much further with your workers than the usually expected bonus. A formal recognition program can help ignite these behaviors in the workplace and make them more commonplace. Providing regular recognition to a single employee or a team is sure to help boost morale across the board and improve production at the same time.

Enforce Effective Management Through Flows of employee Engagement

The benefits of good employee engagement strategies do not have to be a one-time event. By enforcing good engagement throughout the workplace, you can reap the benefits of this positivity for this point forward. By providing your workers with access to the right tools and resources they need, you can improve energy levels throughout your work environment and increase workflow. 

About Dr. Ryan Giffen

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ryan Giffen is an expert in human relations and business culture. His career began in hospitality, leading operations and human resource departments for Fortune 500 companies and the like. Not long after, Ryan found his passion for teaching and consulting. He earned a Ph.D. in Hospitality Management with a Human Resources focus from Iowa State University and now works as an assistant professor at California State University, Long Beach. For over a decade, he continues to research and speak on organizational culture, relationship intelligence, and leadership effectiveness. Ryan is also the founder of Inospire, a company helping bosses and employees build stronger relationships with one another.  Lastly, Dr. Giffen is producer and host of the Corporate Shadow Podcast. a show helping everyday employees overcome workplace nonsense.